19 Reasons Why Celebros is the Perfect Site Search

May 8, 2019

19 Reasons Why Celebros is the Perfect Site Search

If you’re thinking about upgrading your on-site search function, there’s no standard more superior than the Celebros Site Search by Bridgeline Digital. Why choose Celebros for your site? Here are 19 reasons. Advanced machine learning (AML): Learn from the habits, searches and inquiries of past customers to make sure current and future customers are getting the best search results possible.  Our engine will learn which products are receiving the highest CTR’s for a specific search term and will gradually rearrange the product ranking and order to provide the visitor with the best user experience and you the merchant with the highest conversion rate.  Same is true with the refinements

Handles Boolean functions: Make sure your site search tool is able to handle search requests of a highly specific nature, like "size 9 or 10," rather than returning incorrect results or an incomplete selection. Nobody wants to see bad results!

Qualifiers and causals: Don’t let qualifiers and causals throw a wrench into your results - yikes! Celebros seamlessly handles functions like "with," "without," and "under," as well as trigger words like “sale,” “special” or “promo.

”Faster results: Don’t make your customers wait for their results! Celebros’ results are delivered in 0.05 seconds or less, to ensure instant gratification to shoppers with unique and specific queries. Side not, yeah.. that’s ridiculously fast!

Advanced spellcheck: We all make shpelling mistakes. But with Celebros, spelling mistakes are a thing of the past. Spelling errors are corrected in stride, giving customers the results they meant, without any setbacks along the way

Per search term performance monitoring: Want to figure out what your customers are looking for? (Don’t we all). Celebros collects and manages data for every search performed, giving you insight into the ability of your ecommerce business to meet the demands of customers

Compound term recognition: More accurate than long-tail keyword matching, more comprehensive than strict parsing, Celebros’ compound term recognition makes for more complete search results, no matter the inquiry

Full API available: Have some great ideas or want to be in full control of your integration without using an extension? No problem! Celebros’ full API is available to developers who need to make their own tailored adjustments. #geekalertSynonym and language dictionary: Colloquialisms are a thing of the past! Celebros matches your customer’s needs, no matter what jargon they’re using or how those terms match up to your inventory.

Available in seven languages: Parlez-vous français? Wie wäre es Deutsch? Celebros is available in seven languages, to make sure no matter what your customers are speaking, they’re getting quality results. Sorry, we don’t understand Morse code … --- …True color search: Colors shouldn’t be parsed out as keywords exclusively — Celebros processes the color query and returns the products in the color you asked for “Red evening dress”

Content and CMA search (nonproducts): Direct searches to more than just products! Our content and CMA search options mean funneling searches right to where they need to go.  Want to search blogs? Check!  Want to search videos? Check!  Want to search documents? Check!

Dynamic merchandising suite: Returning the right search results is only half the battle — getting people to buy is the real objective.  Celebros offers a dynamic merchandising suite, to make search results as appealing as possible to prospective buyers by displaying banners site wide, drag and drop manual ranking, attribute based campaigns and dynamic landing pages Connected search and navigation: For customers who might not buy immediately, knowing where to find their desired product is essential. Celebros integrates site search and navigation, to give them a quick return when they do decide to “pull the trigger.

”Automatic singular/plural recognition: Pluralities can define a site search, which makes recognition and processing of these variables essential. Celebros takes into account plural and singular designation automatically

"Did you mean?" function: Want to educate customers while also providing positive results? Celebros’ “did you mean” function is a subtle nod in this direction (wink, wink)Fully responsive for mobile and tablets: Hey, after all, it’s a mobile economy! In an Internet environment that’s always evolving towards mobile users’ needs, Celebros is making responsive site search possible, giving your ecommerce a seamless experience for users across all platforms

Product promotion: Promote best sellers, new products or those you’re making a push on within search results with the help of Celebros! You’ll increase desired sales and make a targeted push towards specific customers.24/7 support, by actual staff: When you need assistance, Celebros makes sure you get it. No automated lines. No droids (sorry BB-8), No phone trees. No lost emails. Just real people, delivering real solutions

Still not convinced that Celebros is the foremost authority for semantic-powered site search? Contact us today, we’re certain you won’t think twice when it comes to implementing Celebros on your eCommerce site!