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WCAG and ADA Compliance Packaged Solution

WCAG and ADA compliance for websites can often be a costly issue to address. Unbound has partnered with industry leader AccessiBe to provide a turnkey solution for customers wanting to manage their visitors' needs while protecting themselves from costly law suits for non-compliance with ADA requirements.

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This WCAG and ADA Compliance Packaged Solution provides the required features to support readers and other technologies that support all visitors. The solution is embedded directly into the Unbound site and does not require additional development work or effort from you or your team. The AccessiBe legal team is also on standby to provide support if any legal concerns arise. You can access this support through the Unbound customer success team.

Your Unbound team will take care of all implementation details and provide you with monthly reports confirming compliance.

What’s Included

Pricing is based on the number of pages on the website and the domain name itself. Please contact your Unbound Customer Success Manager for details.

  • Installation
  • Compliance confirmation
  • Monthly report by email
  • Legal guidance
Thanks to AI, web accessibility at scale is finally a reality!

Our Partner: AccessiBe

AccessiBe is the world leader in WCAG and ADA compliance solutions designed for ContentManagement Systems such as Unbound. Our partnership with AccessiBe means we can ensure the best coverage and competitive pricing for our customers.

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