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Give your users an easy-to-use, intelligent site search to instantly answer queries and effortlessly increase sales.

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Bring life to your eCommerce Site Search

Celebros helps your users quickly locate exactly what they're searching for, saving you time and increasing your conversion rate.
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Watch Conversions Soar

Your intelligent site search will help your customers find and purchase the exact product they had in mind.
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Harness the Power of AI

Deliver more accurate results using artificial intelligence that can process vague searches.
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Speed up your Customer's Purchase Journey

Watch the intelligent elimination process lead your buyers to the best-fitting products related to their search.
"Creating a perfect search environment for our customers. If they want to call a fork a dinglehopper, we're able to have their profile be able to pull up forks with no issues."
Erica H., web content manager
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Key Features

Long Tail Search
Celebros effortlessly delivers the most accurate results regardless of the length or complexity of a shopper's query. Natural language processing and intent algorithms guarantee a positive search experience, every time.
Unbound - Long Tail Search
True Color Search
Searching for Blue Diamond Rings shouldn’t be complicated. Celebros bridges the customer’s natural language with the websites text by recognizing the customer’s semantic intent and returning the correct results .
Unbound - True Color Search
Functional Search
Semantic Search handles functions such as “with”, “without” & “under”. Budget-conscious shoppers can immediately find products in their price range thanks to Celebros’ concept based site search.
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Advanced Spellcheck
Celebros’ natural language site search understands, corrects and delivers accurate results for even the most convoluted spelling mistakes, numerical and grammatical errors.
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