5 Reasons to Choose Natural Language Processing for On-Site Search

February 6, 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Natural Language Processing for On-Site Search

By now, if you have an e-commerce site — especially one operating on a platform like Magento — you’ve heard the buzz about natural language processing (NLP) being used in Site Search. More than just another trend or gimmick, NLP has become a powerhouse in the realm of on-site search and has paved the way for a vast number of benefits reserved only for those who are intent on improving their business by advancing their site search capabilities.

What benefits does NLP have to offer over Magento’s stock search algorithm or other traditional keyword- and text-based searches? Take a look at five critical features that your business could be missing out on if you’re not taking advantage of a Magento NLP site-search algorithm like Celebros:

1. Better results all the way around

Far and above any keyword matching or text-driven search, semantic search provides results that are true to form: exactly what your customers are looking for. No more oddities in the results or wasted effort in further refining search terms: NLP delivers applicable results as soon as your customer hits “search.”

2. Search processing deciphers what your customers really mean

Your customers are human, which means they’re fallible. They make spelling errors, confuse brands with products and forget details — it’s up to your on-site search to bridge the gap when these errors occur. NLP connects the dots to keep search seamless, even in the face of pesky typos or scant information that might otherwise skew results.

3. More data mined means more data for growth

Measuring what your customers are searching is key in improving your business. Through the tremendous depth of data presented by NLP, you’re able to cultivate that data to a huge degree, learning about customer habits and tendencies across your entire consumer base. This data can be applied across numerous facets of your business, from merchandising to SEO, marketing campaigns to sales and promotions and beyond.

4. Complex search capabilities eliminate ineffective results

Being able to process numerous variables in a single search means providing a cumulative result that’s indicative of your customer’s end requirements. Natural language processing looks at the whole picture, not just the individual keywords in a search, providing results that are the sum of their parts. Results that might be wrongly identified by text-based searches or accidently omitted from keyword queries.

5. Contextual understanding delivers answers

Today’s search engines are slowly becoming Q&A boxes — customers ask questions and expect answers. Thanks to the complex search capabilities afforded by NLP, your customers can ask questions freely and get the products they’re looking for. Textual-based searches run on keywords, not questions, meaning a huge disparity in your ability to serve customers who might not be using the keywords or phrases in their search for a specific product.

A focus on search is a focus on sustainability

All of the above variables add up to be a cumulative powerhouse for e-commerce websites looking to better serve their customers — and they can all be attributed to something as seemingly simple as natural language processing!If your e-commerce site isn’t using NLP to power customers’ on-site searches, you could be missing out on the five benefits listed above and all of the conversions that come with it. How many more reasons do you need to make the switch to Celebros’ natural language processing?