6 Essential Site Search Features

February 20, 2019

6 Essential Site Search Features

There are 6 reasons (see below) why Celebros site search is chosen by eCommerce retailers around the world to increase conversions, the foremost of which is the intuitive ability to understand what your customers are trying to say, versus what they’re typing into the search box.

Natural Language and Machine learning technologies are amazing to behold, and it’s not something that you need to fully understand to benefit from. Celebros puts these concepts to work to provide eCommerce store owners with a wide range of benefits that all correlate to increase site search success. Let’s look at 6 of them:

1. Semantic recognition

As mentioned above, the single most important feature Celebros has to offer is a semantic and conceptual understanding of for what products your customers are searching. By interpreting variables, product types, key indicators, refinements and more, it returns the very best search results without cluttering the screen with inapplicable products. Connect customers to what they’re looking for faster and more efficiently, saving them clicks and earning you a conversion.

2. Autocomplete search terms

How effective is a site search function that can tell your customers what they’re looking for before they even have a chance to type it? The answer is very. Autocompleting search terms let’s shoppers know you’re listening, and it can connect them to products or designated search terms that help summarize what they’re looking for. Celebros even provides top-selling items within a search box to draw parallels between automated search terms and top-selling products!

3. Responsive User Interface (UI)

Your customers are shopping on tablets and smartphones more often than desktop computers. Your website might be optimized to handle these varying screen sizes, but is your search function? Celebros resizes based on device detection, to display results properly and cleanly, no matter the device. Seamless searching is easy on any device, meaning customers will continue to use it.

4. Search refinement options

If your customers aren’t sure of exactly what they’re looking for, Celebros helps them narrow it down - one variable at a time. Through the product-finder feature, shoppers can click through variables to refine their search one segment at a time. It’s easier than sifting through category pages or searching manually for new and different keywords over and over again.

5. Heatmapping

With mouse-, click- and scroll-heatmapping capabilities, Celebros gives you the data you need to make search adjustments where necessary. Are people finding your search bar easily enough? Where are people focusing on your search landing pages? Is your search data falling below the fold on a website? Celebros can tell you! Moreover, it can also be instrumental in helping you correct these oversights.

6. Merchandising capabilities

Does a popular search term demand its own landing page? Celebros makes this possible with ways to give people an entire gamut of options for a popular product type. Include banners, promos and suggestions to complete your merchandising efforts.

Think your site search is “good enough?” Check out Celebros and see what true site search success looks like! There’s no time like the present to kick your site search into high effect.