Make Connections and Give your B2C Bottom Line a Boost with These Tips

February 5, 2018

Make Connections and Give your B2C Bottom Line a Boost with These Tips

Connecting with the customer at every stage of the buyer journey is an important part of B2C eCommerce - and for good reason. Today, your customers are always-on when it comes to making a purchase. This is why, as a marketer, you need to adapt your strategy to all mediums, platforms and devices in order to guide a consumer from the awareness stage of the buyer's cycle all the way through to the decision to purchase your product. Read on for marketing tips that will take your B2C eCommerce business to the next level of a customer's journey.

1. Offer coupons and discounts

Bed, Bath and Beyond has it mastered – give an incentive, hook a loyal customer base. Further, a good promotion can entice new email subscribers.

2. Add Value with eBooks and other collateral

As Neil Patel says in a post about what makes SaaS marketing different, B2B SaaS marketers need to think of themselves as masters of the industry that dispense information. The best way to utilize things like eBooks and whitepapers for lead generation is to gate the content, requiring a prospect to enter their email address,

3. Reward Loyalty

You’ve probably heard of Starbucks’ loyalty program, which offers stars for purchases made using their app (and now through a branded credit card). Once you collect enough stars, you can earn free drinks or food. Since existing customers tend to spend more than new customers, generating more revenue from customers by giving them incentives to keep buying your product is a good way to increase your chances.

4. Give and You Shall Receive

When you promote giveaways and coupons such as the one below from The UPS Stores, you often have the chance to collect email addresses for entries. People love free stuff – and marketers love large email lists!

5. Cross-sell and Up-sell

By offering items that will add value to your customers’ purchase (think a case for their new laptop or phone, or accessories to compliment an outfit), you are opening your business to extracting a few more dollars from that shopper. Similarly, up-selling is a great way to keep website visitors on your site while they consider their options for a product. Promoting an item that fits the needs of the customer, but is superior or considered premium, is a great way to add more dollars to the person’s shopping cart.

6. Automate Abandonment Recovery

We’re all guilty of navigating away from a site after filling up your shopping cart with items. Using marketing automation tools, you can send emails that draw the shopper back to your site to complete their purchase.

7. Automate all emails, while you’re at it

Using any form of automated email – with targeted, personalized and well-timed messaging – keeps your products top-of-mind at various stages of the buying cycle.

8. Come to Love Landing Pages

While it may seem tempting, directing search, social and digital ad traffic to your home page or shopping cart is not an ideal approach for increasing conversions. Instead, utilize landing pages loaded with relevant information displayed beautifully, pushing them towards informed buying decisions. Just be sure to use catchy headlines and relevant videos and/or images.