Bridgeline New Feature Release - April 2017

April 15, 2017

Bridgeline New Feature Release - April 2017

New & exciting features available in the Cloud environment on April 15th, 2017! Watch the video below to preview the latestfeatures:


A New Marketing Dashboard - This new interface is available in Marketier and will aggregate all activity in a summary snapshot view withkey actionable insights allowing administrators to more easily monitor performance of campaigns, flows and overall audience activity.

Automation Flow Enhancements - Additional features for building automation flows including additional scheduling settings, contactowner attribute for alerting specific sales reps, double opt in capabilities and conversion triggers for more granular tracking.

Content Definition Previews - Preview content items before inserting into a page. This will save you valuable time when building out your pages in iAPPS.

Form Enhancements - Improved recaptcha capabilities on contact and lead forms in both Content Manager and Marketier.

Email Processing Improvements - Batch processing of emails based on time zone site setting for multiple sites (i.e. franchises).Additional exception handling and monitoring of email processing to ensure deliverability.

As always, this release will be conducted during the regularly scheduled maintenance window. Release notes are readily available from your iAPPS login screen. You can also view the details from our support site:


In addition to the new features in this release, we want to make sure you are fully aware of the latest search offering that was recently released to re-enforce our integration with the enterprise Amazon Elasticsearch solution. In an effort to help our client partners take full advantage of this powerful search platform, Bridgeline has provided an out-of-box search template that can be applied to any site in the SaaS environment with some minor configuration and setup. This template provides for rich search functionality such as intelligent auto-complete, search refinement filters and more. The template can be used to present relevant content results for CMS implementations or relevant product results in Commerce sites. Please contact your Bridgeline project or account manager for more information on how to take advantage of this latest search enhancement.

As always, we value you as a customer and welcome any feedback .Sincerely- The Bridgeline Product