Bridgeline Product Release - Version 6.0

August 11, 2017

Product Release - Version 6.0​Exciting, new features focused on increasing the value of our product suite to allow you to marketeven more effectively, drive successful digital engagement and conversion! Watch the highlight video to see what's new!


New WYSIWYG Editor - A major enhancement of the 6.0 release is our new and improved WYSIWYG editor which provides a more flexible solutionfor inline editing and formatting of content. Your site design styles are automatically captured by the editor which eliminates the need to maintain andsupport different editor stylesheets. This new editing experience provides improved consistency in formatting and overall content presentation betweenedit and live modes while incorporating additional options for font selections and colors. Other benefits include:

-Improved and easier to use interface!

- Cleaner toolbar with additional formatting options for content authors

- Uniform across all places where the editor is used(Content, Post, Site Editor, Commerce, Email etc...)- Improved code editor withcolor coding of syntax

- ​​Full screen editor- ​​Improved translation functionality

- Word count displayed in taskbar​​

- Ability to add custom styles and font choices

- Redesigned "Link Manager" ​and "Snipper Manager" tools

- Ability to insert "Merge Token" from anywhere​to personalize content New CMS Dashboard

- We’ve made the Content Manager dashboard even more useful by providing you with a quick snapshot of all the assets you have created. Italso provides informative views of recent publishing and blog activity when appropriate. User Experience Enhancements

- We’ve employed a more modern interface technology throughout the administrative console to make the editing experience more consistent, faster and more efficient. For example, we now provide a single user experience for reordering of pages, files, content items and tags throughout the platform. In addition, we have added a great time-saving enhancement

– when using the “Last Visited Page” feature to navigate from the site editor experience back to the specific menu item, it directs you to where you left off in the Menus and Pages Library. These are just a few of the many user experience enhancements in the release. Login to your site today to check them out! Site Preview Options

- We’ve provided additional site preview options when in the Site Editor to be able to toggle between desktop, tablet and mobile views

- in portrait and landscape modes. This allows you to optimize your content for responsiveness on all resolutions prior to publishing.

New Product

- Insights! - Our new Insights product leverages your core Google Analytics data and incorporates native iAPPS data, including form submissions and downloads. The Insights platform renders reports in context of the site administrative experience with up to 25 visitor and traffic reports, interactive graphs, charts and sortable data grids with ability to easily export data to CSV. Future versions will include flow actions and commerce transactions. Insights is offered as a separate license offering. Please contact your Bridgeline representative for more details. We continuously strive to address the needs of our customers and partners by providing ongoing product innovation that strengthens our digital marketing and commerce offerings.  Experience Manager Cloud enables marketers to deliver exceptional customer experiences that attract, engage, nurture and convert prospects to customers. Detailed release notes are available from our iAPPS Support site:


In addition to the new features in this release, we want to remind you of the latest search offering that was released in April to reinforce our integration with the enterprise Amazon Elasticsearch solution. To help our customers take full advantage of this powerful search platform, Bridgeline has provided an out-of-box search template that can be applied to any site in the Cloud environment with some minor configuration and setup. This template provides rich search functionality such as intelligent auto-complete, search refinement filters and more. This template can be used to present relevant content results for CMS implementations or relevant product results inCommerce sites. This template provides for rich search functionality such as intelligent auto-complete, search refinement filters and more. The template can be used to present relevant content results for CMS implementations or relevant product results in Commerce sites.

Please contact your Bridgeline representative for any questions you may have regarding this release. At Bridgeline, we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of the platform and feedback from our users and customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.- The Bridgeline Product