How to Build & Optimize a Lead Nurture Campaign

August 30, 2018

How to Build & Optimize a Lead Nurture Campaign

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead Nurturing is the process of continuing to engage with and strength relationships with current and potential customers by providing helpful information as they evaluate your products or services and move closer towards making a purchase decision.  What is a Lead Nurture Campaign?

A Lead Nurture Campaign is a series of emails scheduled (usually using marketing automation) to be sent at varying time spans after a lead is obtained. According to Ascend2, 57% of marketers say lead nurturing is the most valuable feature of marketing automation software. A Lead Nurture Campaign keeps your organization top-of-mind during the buying process by keeping your customers engaged and helping them determine if your products and services are right for them.

5 Ways to Optimize a Lead Nurture Campaign

Segment Your Leads into Audiences- Segment leads into micro-audiences to provide relevant content at the best time during the buying cycle. You can segment by many variables including industry, level of engagement, budget and price sensitivity all of which are customizable in your marketing automation platform.

Implement a Carefully Planned SEO Strategy-Help search engines serve your content to people actively looking for what you offer. Insert your offer keywords in the URL, title, headings, meta description, image alt tags, body and links of your landing pages, forms, thank you pages and uploaded content.

Prepare for Omnichannel Engagement-Your leads explore the internet on a daily basis. Capture attention on channels most frequented by your audience including email, social media, search engines and paid ads on the web and within apps. Keep a consistent tone, design and branding for experiences they’ll remember when it’s time to complete their purchase.

Personalize Content Based on Actual Data-Your marketing automation platform has been collecting data directly from your leads. Use this data to create variables of your webpages so leads instantly see relevant information when they visit your website. You can personalize content for any data collected from leads.

Ensure Leads are in the Right Campaign-Automation platforms provide endless capabilities to get your leads the right information. Workflows are directions you set to tell your platform how to respond to lead activity. Set workflows to move leads to other campaigns based on changes in their level of engagement or behavior.

How to Test Lead Nurture Campaigns

When testing campaigns, you can use different versions of one campaign to see how changing small variables can make a big difference in your conversion results. To identify what works and  what doesn’t, you’ll need to compare and measure results, right?  The key to testing variables in your lead nurture campaigns lies in setting up A/B testing and tracking results within your analytics. Focus on testing elements most likely to impact the visitor and stick to testing one element at a time so you know what change made a difference.

Overall Nurture Campaign Variables

Overall campaign calls-to-action (CTA), CTA button colors and text, highlighted text, image used to promote campaign, etc.

Webpage & Landing Page Variables

Call-to-action (location, text used, button color, image vs. text CTA), headline, imagery, product descriptions, personalization, copywriting body and length, etc.

Email Campaign Variables

Email subject lines, From name, imagery, calls to-action within the email, CTA button colors or text, highlighted text, sent time, time between emails sent, personalization etc.

Social Media Post Variables

Call-to-action (text used, button color), post date and time, post length, imagery, hashtags, mentions within post, copywriting, etc

PPC Advertisement Variables

Headline, link, SEO, quality score, copywriting, word order, ad with or without pricing, keywords, bidding strategy, etc.

How to Know if a Lead Nurture Campaign is Successful

Overall Campaign: Revenue generated, conversion rate, cost per lead, return  on investment, revenue per sale, customer acquisition cost  Webpage and Landing Page: Conversion rate, page visits, referral source Email Campaign:  Total opens, open rate, click rate, unique clicks and opens, click to open rate Social Media Post: Referrals sent to website, follower growth, click rates,  optimal engagement times, overall reach and engagement PPC Advertisement:  Cost per click, click through rates, quality scores.

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