On-Page Optimization: Don't Get Lost in the Holiday Shuffle

November 6, 2017

On-Page Optimization: Don't Get Lost in the Holiday Shuffle

If your website sells anything at all I’m sure you’re getting geared up for Cyber Monday – but what if your website isn’t optimized? What if most of your visitors are coming to your site for a specific product and it’s buried behind multiple clicks?

All the traffic in the world can’t help a site maximize its potential, but it can sure point out where you failed. In order to help you succeed, here are 4 product page optimization tactics you should do before Cyber Monday hits.

1. Analyze your top viewed products

Are there pages or products that get the most views? Make sure those pages or products are easy to find on the top entry pages.

2. Refine Entry Pages

Speaking of entry pages, look at the pages that drive the most entry visits. Can visitors get where they need to go immediately from these pages? Consider promoting products or services on these pages that are most popular to peak visitors’ interests.

3. Decipher user behavior by traffic source

How do visitors navigate differently on your website? Do searchers from Google want to get to specific products more quickly than visitors entering your website directly? Consider these questions - and more -when placing upsell or promotional messaging on entry pages. Evaluate which traffic sources are driving the most visitors to entry pages. Sometimes you may need to implement a one-size fits all strategy, but other times you’ll notice particular pages drive higher numbers from certain traffic sources. Cater to this audience!

4. Testing time is over

With so much traffic coming into your site, Cyber Monday can give marketers plenty of analytics and insight in terms of how to make informed decisions about their website. But this is the time to stick with what works. Since you should be testing the other months out of the year, the holiday time should be when you put your best ‘page’ forward. However, if you’re a very savvy tester and have two pages you’re very confident in, move forward at your own risk. The biggest message here is that on specifically high traffic days -whether it’s Cyber Monday, Black Friday or a random day in July - you should be displaying the most optimized version of your site as possible. Take the other days of the year to review your traffic as well as test, test and test again so that on that one special day your conversions soar!