Four Strategies for Next-Level Omnichannel Marketing

July 26, 2018

Four Strategies for Next-Level Omnichannel Marketing

As marketers, we are beginning to understand just how intricate the customer journey is and how we need to be there (regardless of medium, channel of device) at any given time and with the customer’s current situation top-of-mind. 98% of Americans switch between devices throughout the day, thus making it extremely important for us to tailor our strategies to be omnichannel and multi-device.

The strategies we’ve outlined below can bring a lot of success to your business, and mastering the omnichannel experience is key in the age of personalized shopping and consumer experiences. Read on below to tap into the same strategy that allows retailers to boast a customer retention rate of 89%!

1. Make Sure Your Organization is Aligned

Don’t let silos – both without and outside of the marketing department – keep your company from providing a full, unified customer experience. Make sure that everyone, from your executive-level sales, marketing and product employees down to direct mail and social teams are aligned with a consistent brand identity and strategy. This includes tightly weaving together messaging, timing and campaign targeting across the board.

2. Map Out the Ideal Customer Journey

You need to know your customers on an individual level if you want to plan and implement an omnichannel marketing strategy. Make your buyer personas into targeted segments to finely tune your outreach to pinpointed, qualified leads. If someone isn’t ready to purchase (isn’t showing immediate buying intent), add them to personalized nurture campaigns tailored to their interests with thought leadership and educational content.

3. Try Different Combinations of Channels

Channels appropriate for marketing can be everything from direct mail, to social media, to email campaigns and more. To optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy, you need to be constantly tweaking and testing different combinations in order to find out which one is best-suited for your business and audience. This is best reviewed and analyzed regularly, using campaign measurement and website insights tools.

4. Make Analytics the Center of Your Strategy

This should probably be at the top our list – your omnichannel marketing strategy’s success is entirely dependent on accurate measurement and detailed analytics. While true cross-channel measurement may not be available as of late, you can get pretty close with tools like Unbound Insights.