How Inish Pharmacy Increased Revenue Over 75% with Celebros

January 7, 2021

How Inish Pharmacy Increased Revenue Over 75% withCelebros

Inish Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and healthcaregroup based in Donegal, Ireland. Since they began in 2007, their vision hasimproved patients' and customers' quality of life. Initially, their websiteused the native search platform Solr to answer customer queries for theironline shop and eCommerce needs on the Magico system. However, as the onlinebusiness grew since its initial launch, it quickly outgrew the native searchplatform's capabilities as it could not accurately and effectively defineresults for its customers. Multiple names for product types, brands, and vagueor inaccurate results showed up for customers and led to a frustrating userexperience.


Their team quickly recognized the need to improve thecustomer's online experience as their brand grew. With this challenge in mind,they outlined a list of website features that could improve their customerexperience.


Make it easier for customers to find what they need andefficiently complete purchases while using any device.

Ensure that their onsite search tools are powerful andintelligent enough to deliver accurate and relevant results for each searchquery

Support mobile shoppers to quickly complete purchases

With these goals in mind, their team initiated the InishPharmacy website's upgrade with Celebros technology to tackle their threegoals. Our team at Celebros supplied them with the tools they need to convertmore visitors into actual buyers and nurture more mobile visitors.


NLP Site Search: Since the Celebros Natural LanguageProcessing (NLP) search fully integrates into Magico, the integration processwas quick and easy.

Advanced AutoComplete / AutoSuggest: Works with the NLP SiteSearch and AI to create predictive search-as-you-type with queryauto-completion to more effectively recommend products.

Machine Learning & AI: Machine Learning and AI enablethe search algorithm to continually learn from the shopper's search and clickbehavior to rank products most appropriately.

Dynamic Merchandising: The implementation of DynamicMerchandising employed banners displaying personalized product recommendationsfor each visitor and many options of ways to shop by condition, productcategory, and more.


Transactions increased by 67% Revenue increased by 79%Conversion Rate increased by 15%


Like many pharmacy businesses we've helped, Inish Pharmacyrecognizes that search queries can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelmingprocess for their customers. With Celebros, medications with complicated namesor multiple brand names are easily sorted and auto-suggested, streamlining theprocess and providing help quickly when customers need it most. Within thefirst months of their transition to Celebros, this strategy resulted inincreased site search conversion rates, transactions, and revenue increasing byover 75%. Also, the percentage of mobile users has risen as well. CelebrosSearch by Bridgeline is a leading eCommerce natural language search technology.It provides sites with artificial intelligent semantic search, a recommendationengine for cross and up-selling opportunities, dynamic merchandising andnavigation conversion techniques. These features help drive revenue, improvecustomer experience, and increase conversions for online retailers. CelebrosSearch powers the search experience for hundreds of premium brands and onlineretailers and is available in seven languages.