Corporate Intranets: Why the Healthcare Industry Should be Using Them

December 18, 2017

Corporate Intranets: Why the Healthcare Industry Should be Using Them

Many companies successfully use intranets to improve internal communications, thus leading to better organization, improved efficiency and even a higher level of patient care and engagement. If you work with a hospital, clinic, or any other company in the healthcare industry, you can drastically improve your internal links between employees and departments with the right content and proper delivery method. Read on to find out how your organization can benefit from implementing an Intranet.

1. Improved communication between employees

Many companies often overlook the importance and value of a staff directory. Think about how many times you’ve needed to contact another employee for help and found that either a) you took more time than necessary to find their information or b) you couldn’t find it at all. Now think about how a centralized database – maybe even a chat feature – would have improved that situation and affected the overall task on which you were working.

2. Improved patient engagement and care

The healthcare industry places high priority on patientcare, so it’s imperative that you streamline the communication between patients and staff and improve the user experience (UX). This can be done in a multitude of ways including: asking for patient feedback, offering up online surveys, and even creating a page for a healthcare-related fundraiser.

3. Centralized resource repository for internal documents

Have you ever heard of staff members scrambling to acquire patient forms because they have to sift through file cabinets worth of paper? With a central resource location, pulling up those forms is a simple search-and-print. Additionally, by having all this information digitally aggregated and accessible, you will find that internal administrative processes will be positively affected because of automation. We’d love to hear how your company is utilizing an Intranet – or if you need help implementing one, fast –so comment below or contact us!