Marketing Automation: 3 Reasons You Need to Use Automated Emails

October 23, 2017

Marketing Automation: 3 Reasons You Need to Use Automated Emails

The beauty of online shopping is that it can be done anywhere thanks to mobile devices and wireless Internet connections.

Check out three reasons customers leave before completing a purchase below.

1. Extra Costs (Shipping, Fees) Too High/Total Cost Higher Than Expected

The 50% off sale may have gotten the item into her online shopping cart, but Carly Customer didn’t realize the price of shipping from the U.K. to the United States

2. The Site Requires Creating an Account/Checkout Process Was Too Long

Nothing in life is free (hence why Carly has her credit card out right now), but come on - now she needs to spend another three minutes putting in more personal information?

3. Website Malfunction

She’s had to refresh the page three times, and all three times had to go back and fill her cart again. Lame.

Luckily for us marketers, 69% of abandoned carts can be recovered by savvy online retailers (Baymard Institute). A great tactic to employ in these situations is setting up your content management system to automatically send an email to cart abandoners within 24 hours. This serves as a reminder to come back and finish what they started, and gives you a chance to customize the messaging to make it relevant to your target audience. Unlock new levels of engagement by automating communications, and we can guarantee you’ll reap the benefits!