Marketing Tips for Franchise: Don't Let Your Strategy Suffer

November 8, 2017

Marketing Tips for Franchise: Don't Let Your Strategy Suffer

Allocating a budget on the corporate level can be something relatively easily implemented, but enabling your franchisees to drive revenue on a local level may seem just a bit more difficult. While every franchise is a little different when it comes to target audiences, industry and size, these are some of the strategies that we have seen employed by successful franchises.

1. Online reviews & testimonials

If you’ve ever asked a friend or family member for a restaurant recommendation, you probably know that glowing reviews can make or break your decision. According to this study, personal recommendations are not the only ones worth their weight in gold – 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Whether it’s a 5-star review on Yelp or a quote from a happy customer on your website, new business is more likely to come if there is a certain level of trust established at the local level.

2. Local websites

For franchisees, having a dedicated website to generate leads and post location-specific promotions can be a revenue generator as well as a positive influence on credibility. For example, with the help of Bridgeline’s Franchise product, The UPS Store drives organic results for local franchisees with consistently-branded microsites they can easily launch via a self-service portal. This allows corporate to maintain brand control and distribute unified content, while still giving franchisees the ability to tailor their site to local markets and provide relevant promotions.

3. Create a social community

Some of the most successful franchisees are those that become an integral part of their community. While geographical community may be the first thing that comes to mind, this part of your strategy should also include building your social media community. Whether it’s engaging in conversations with other local businesses, interacting with customers or announcing store promotions, social media can be an extremely effective tool in your franchisees’ marketing strategy.

4. Promotions

Driving new business often is as easy as giving your potential customers something for free or at a discount. Franchisees can utilize their microsites to display pop-up email requests in exchange for a discount, place coupons in the local newspaper or magazine or even use direct mail as a means of getting their promotions noticed – it’s all of matter of which tactic will work best for the individual franchisee’s location.