Perpetual vs. SaaS: 5 Reasons to Switch Licensing Models

December 4, 2017

Perpetual vs. SaaS: 5 Reasons to Switch Licensing Models

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions operate on a licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed to a user on a subscription basis and centrally hosted.

This delivery model has become common over the past decade, with business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM),content management systems (CMS) and human resource management (HRM). As a result of being supported by the cloud, SaaS solutions are easily and quickly updated, among the various other advantages they provide over traditional perpetual services. Read on below for some reasons why your business should move towards SaaS solutions!

1. SaaS solutions are predictably priced, and remain constant

SaaS solutions often have tiered monthly options that are based on the number of users, customization options and level of support. As these costs are fixed, it is easier to plan resources devoted each quarter to that part of your business.

2. Self-hosting is less reliable – and often more expensive– than a SaaS solution

While it may be possible for your company to build out a self-hosted website or eCommerce site, the time and resources required to make sure it is reliable quickly add up. SaaS solutions (like ours, hosted on Amazon Web Services), are much more likely to be all-encompassing and more reliable because of being hosted in the cloud.

3. Ease of use

SaaS solutions are updated automatically over the lifetime of a license, allow businesses to establish multiple offices and offer round-the-clock support. Without devoting any capital or internal resources to constant updates or installations, you’re free to focus on what your business needs to do to thrive.

4. It is easy to scale up SaaS solutions

With SaaS hosting reliability, these solutions are often very simple to scale as your business grows and you attract more customers. Rather than having to worry about the expense of scaling a self-hosted solution, you can rest assured knowing that your SaaS provider can handle managing increased usage, customer traffic, etc.

5. Security

SaaS solutions take the stress of having to worry about data breaches off of your hands, often having the ability to be compliant with local data and financial regulations. Want to learn more about how SaaS solutions can benefit your business? We’d love to help – go here to request more information today.