Product Release January 2017

January 2, 2017

Product Release January 2017

With our upcoming January release, iAPPS will continue to help you attract, engage, nurture and convert prospects into customers.

New Year - New Features! With our upcoming January release, iAPPS will continue to help you attract, engage, nurture and convert prospects into customers. By popular demand, we have incorporated robust features like geo-targeting, new search enhancements and personal profile views. These exciting features are all focused on increasing relationships with your customers by providing very targeted and relevant content – allowing you to market even-more effectively to drive successful engagement and conversion!

360 Degree Personal Profile View

In our latest release, iAPPS delivers a huge win for all members of marketing and sales teams. This profile activity stream will show every interaction the prospect or customer has made through a Marketier flow – allowing you to keep track of the key actions of user engagement.  This allows marketing and sales teams to gain intelligent information about their prospect’s interests.

Session Based Personalization

Your customers are on the move, your content should represent that. iAPPS has incorporated geo-based content personalization so you can now engage with customers on a local level - delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time. Have an event in Denver? Have all Colorado website visitors see a prominent event promotion on your homepage. Running a sale in Tampa and a different sale in Orlando? Target content to users based on city or zip code. iAPPS puts you in charge of your local messaging through the use of geo filters within audience lists – allowing you to create targeted content tailored to your audience directly within your Site Editor!

Amazon Elasticsearch

You have milliseconds to make a first impression and under a minute for a user to find what they are looking for before they head to a competitors site. iAPPS sites have always had great UX, but in the world of Google and Amazon, people are now more than ever accustomed to searching rather than browsing. iAPPS has embraced the need for powerful capabilities and now offers customers the option to utilize Amazon’s Elasticsearch on their website. Elasticsearch provides data around historical searches and follows industry best practices like intelligent recommendations and “did you mean” for misspelled words in addition to industry-leading dynamic filters and faceted search results. Contact your account manager to learn how you can take advantage of this additional option.

Lead Form Themes

Forms are meant to capture leads. With iAPPS, any information put into a lead form is actionable and can trigger auto responder emails, automation flows, campaigns, personalization and more. In this release, we provide additional options for engaging forms with stronger calls to actions with the implementation of form themes. These themes are enabled through additional style sheets which your Bridgeline project team can assist with applying to your implementation. Providing flexibility of styles on forms will result in greater engagement, increased submissions, more leads, and ultimately increased conversions!