How Translating your Website Can Grow Your Business

July 25, 2019

How Translating your Website Can Grow Your Business

Did you know that markets outside of the United States represent 80% of the world’s purchasing power and 95% of the world’s consumers? There’s a whole world out there that want to buy products just like yours, if only they could understand your website or search for your products in their own language. A quick way to expand your customer base and increase sales opportunities is to translate your website to enable a larger audience to understand content and search online for your product offerings. There are many eCommerce benefits that come with offering a multilingual website including expanding your target audience, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction, ranking higher on search engines and increasing conversions and sales to ultimately grow your business.

How Translating your Website Can Grow Your Business:

Translating your Website Expands your Target Audience-Did you know that nine out of ten internet users prefer to visit websites written in their own language (Common Sense Advisory)? Launching your website in a new global market means that new customers who may have the same needs as your current customers will now have access to your products and services. If you translate your site into the local language and dialect of your new market these new customers are able to comfortably browse your site and understand all the content within. And in-language content doesn’t just make customers feel more comfortable - it increases the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Translating your Website Boosts Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Customers love companies that care about their needs and accommodate them. By translating your content, you show new global customers that you care about their experience on your site and put their needs first. If customers understand your content in their own language, they will stay on your site longer, view more pages and make more purchases. You’ll enjoy a lower bounce rate, increased click-through rate and more sales. Plus, having content written in a customer’s language and local currency displayed appears more trustworthy for customers looking to make a purchase. According to a recent Common Sense Advisory poll, 72% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.

Translating your Website Helps you Rank Higher on Search Engines

Translating your website will enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When your web pages target translated localized keywords relevant to your business, these optimized pages will populate in search results for customers entering matching search queries. In other words, you’ll rank higher in search engine results and more prospects will see what you have to offer. Let’s say a customer in a global market searches for your products and you have a page that has been optimized for this keyword in their language. When they type a query matching that keyword and view their search results, you’ll be more likely to rank closer to the top of the search engine results page. Ranking near the top item makes it more likely that this customer will see your listing and visit your webpage over a competitor who has not created a page to correspond to local keywords.

Translating your Website Helps Increase Conversions & Sales

There’s no doubt about it, customers feel more comfortable reading content in their native language. A customer is also more likely to complete a purchase if the content is written in their language. In fact, consumers will pay even more for products listed on site written in their own language (Common Sense Advisory). Of the consumers polled, 42% said they would never even purchase a product in another language.

Translating your site is beneficial not just because individual customers will feel more comfortable. It is beneficial to your business because the global eCommerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate of 20% and growing each year. By 2021, Global Retail eCommerce Sales are projected to reach $4.8 billion. Translating your website will help you gain a share of this international eCommerce growth.

Translating Your Site is Not As Difficult As You May Think

People assume that translating a website is difficult and not worth the time - and they are so wrong. Technology available today makes it easier to translate your website into many different languages and you can even outsource or automate many parts of the process.

Have we convinced you to translate your site yet? Don’t let the language barrier get in the way of growing your business. Offer your web content in other languages to help maximize your global eCommerce presence. Translate your site and let visitors around the world feel at home browsing your products. You’ll effectively reach a wider audience and grow your business at the same time.