This Valentine’s Day, Woo Your Customers with These Marketing Ideas

February 1, 2018

This Valentine’s Day, Woo Your Customers with These Marketing Ideas

In 2016, consumer spend on Valentine’s Day topped out at over $18 billion. Knowing this, your business can maximize revenue through smart marketing geared towards nostalgic, emotional purchases often made impulsively or last-minute. For marketers, this means that social media campaigns filled out with short, engaging content – as well as visual elements like romantic photos and graphics – is a great way to capture a click-happy consumer. Check out some of the best ways to lead consumers through the buying journey straight to the checkout line!

Create Coupons

It may be tempting to just print out generic coupons and call it a day, but Valentine’s Day is a great time to whip out the personalized shopper experience and show off your creative energy. Regardless of what the coupon is for, you should tailor it to your business and clientele – especiallytaking into consideration whether it makes sense as a coupon being sent in the mail, an online offer redeemable in store or a V-day themed code like Birchboxbelow to be entered at checkout.

Hold a Contest

Consumers love the idea of getting something for free; why not up the ante by adding a competitive element? You can go with a grand prize or a series of smaller giveaways, but either way this is a great opportunity to really use social media by incentivizing likes, shares or tags. One of our customers, Sport Clips, is currently running the below contest, for example.

Get Your Brand in the Spirit

You can get your business – and your customers – in the spirit of the day by going with the typical Valentine’s Day colors (red and pink) and imagery (hearts and, well, more hearts). Check out how Godiva used the Valentine's color scheme to make their chocolates seem even more like the perfect gift. Just be sure to switch back after the holidays or risk looking lazy and/or out-of-touch.

Promote Gift Cards

While the words “gift card” may evoke memories of grocery store end caps and last-minute checkout line grabs, these are the precise reasons why you should not write them off this holiday season. To make another wise impersonal gift the perfect last-minute snag in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, be sure to make them themed or personalized to each customer.

Send Email Blast

Do not write off this classic (and often overlooked)marketing move – triggered or scheduled email marketing using a marketing automation tool keeps your business and product top-of-mind and in front of the consumer throughout the customer journey. Use emails as a way of reminding customers of promotions or just to send simple messages to tap into their emotions surrounding the holiday. J.Crew Factory does an excellent job of this, suggesting complete outfits to wear out to dinner on Valentine's Day.

Create Gift Guides/Shopping Lists

While companies like Buzzfeed may not seem like a retail or eCommerce business, their products lists often points consumers to purchase using affiliate links – thus making their gift guides a smart choice for driving revenue around holiday shopping. Valentine’s Day is no different, but be sure to think out-of-the-box and you’ll find that you’re driving more dollars into each shopping cart.