What is Advanced Machine Learning Site Search (AML)?

March 13, 2019

What is Advanced Machine Learning Site Search (AML)?

The term “Advanced Machine Learning” site search sounds like something you might hear in a science fiction movie. Don’t let the fictitious-sounding name fool you, however: this technology is readily accessible to Bridgeline Unbound customers and investing in it could just be the best decision you make for your store’s site search function!

Advanced Machine Learning (AML) Site Search is a technology based on the idea that an eCommerce shopping experience can and should be a tailored one for customers - giving them the most amiable results when it comes to on-site searches.

What does that mean for shoppers? Just some of the things machine learning site search can accomplish, include:

Product search results are rearranged and aptly positioned based on user data, to satisfy recognized demands and widespread preferences.

Popular search refinements are recognized and displayed to customers searching within applicable parameters, to increase search helpfulness.

Synonyms are recognized and included in applicable search results, to cultivate a more comprehensive list of results, regardless of colloquialisms.

Basically, AML helps your on-site semantic search function learn about the people using it and, furthermore, encourages smarter development over time by processing data and recognizing patterns. The result is a more helpful search function that meets and exceeds the needs of your customers.

How can AML help you?

Where keyword-based site searches and textual engines fail, AML succeeds. Why? Because even when your customers aren’t sure of what they’re looking for, AML is able to help them, based on the lessons learned from past customers. Let’s take a look at an example:

Steve is new to the world of video games and wants to shop for an arcade-style fighting game… but he’s not sure of which titles are popular, let alone which ones might have his desired style of gameplay. He types “fighting game” into the search box on a website to see what his options are. The results being returned first are recently released fighting games, all with great ratings, all representative of current best-sellers. Mixed in are a few older best-sellers of the same genre, all with great reviews.

In the example above, even though the customer isn’t looking for anything in particular, AML is able to use past customer data from more informed customers to help create a passive sales opportunity. Here’s how:The customer is seeing only applicable products based on semantic search terms.

The customer is seeing new, relevant products, rather than old and obsolete options.

The customer is seeing highly rated and positively reviewed options first.

The customer is getting a range of results, giving them the luxury of variety.

The benefits of AML go on and on, but the best part is that they’re continuous. No matter how often you update your inventory or change your product focus, AML is going to continue processing data in a way that benefits current and future customers.

Help your eCommerce site learn!

If your ecommerce site doesn’t have a semantic search function complete with advanced machine learning, there’s no telling what opportunities you’re missing when it comes to search-related conversions. Celebros can help Magento store owners reap the benefits of AML and create conversions from customers who might not otherwise have the confidence to hit that “add to cart” button!