Case Study:

Astra Zeneca

Empowering Efficient Global and Multilingual Collaboration for 85,000 Employees


AstraZeneca is a multinational biopharmaceutical company providing innovative medicines for millions of patients worldwide. They needed to combine the communication systems of their teams from around the world onto one unified platform to access and share information and collaborate more socially across any device.

Unify Fragmented Portals

Consolidate hundreds of disjointed portals under one unified global intranet offering content in multiple languages.

Foster Collaboration

Empower a workforce of over 85,000 users in over 40 countries to collaborate and share information across the globe on any device.

Simplify Complex Workflows

Enable content owners to publish frequent and timely updates from any device without seeking help from IT.


Global collaboration made easy for 85,000 employees across 40 countries, powered by OrchestraCMS. A new intranet central point – called Nucleus - allows employees from across the globe to easily share content and collaborate more socially on a platform 100% natively-built on the Salesforce infrastructure.

100% Native CMS Built on Salesforce Infrastructure

Nucleus leverages the security, compliance, scalability andreliability of the Salesforce infrastructure without costlyintegrations or incremental costs. Anything in Salesforce isauto-discovered and made available as content in realtime. Powerful business data can be utilized to target andpersonalize content in a single, seamless user experience.

Virtual Team Collaboration on a Unified Intranet Platform

One single platform now consolidates six outdated intranets arising from M&A-driven growth. Nucleus unites all employees to feel like a part of a global entity offering content in 10 languages. Virtual team collaboration is enabled at scale leveraging Salesforce Chatter in a modern and intuitive UI/UX design.

Global Search and Interactivity

Nucleus offers global search of corporate digitalassets to simplify access from a single point.Employees also have the ability to like, share orcomment on articles. Frequent sharing is easy andcontent is streamlined and personalized based onprofile preferences set up by users


Increase in Employee Engagement
Annual Cost Savings
Increase in Productivity
Philip Martucci
Global Intranet Project Lead, Corporate Affairs

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