Case Study:


Maintaining Leadership in a Niche Market


YSI Inc., a Xylem brand, provides environmental monitoring instruments, sensors, software, systems, and data collection platforms for water quality monitoring and testing, and water velocity data. To maintain a leading position in a niche market, they needed to upgrade their website to be mobile-optimized and more engaging, with added eCommerce features so they could offer their products for purchase online.

Upgrade Website CMS Platform

Modernize website software to pair content managment with best-in-class eCommerce capabilities.

Install eCommerce Capabilities

Ability to list complex product information with ultra-configurable catalog schemas.

Optimize for Mobile Visitors

Engage site visitors on any device with information that is easily found and automatically adjusted to scale.


Bridgeline empowers YSI Inc., a Xylem brand, to manage informative content, online product catalogs and eCommerce initiatives, along with marketing automation capabilities on one powerful platform.

Powerful CMS to Manage Content & eCommerce

Upgraded website software utilizes one central CMS to manage site content and eCommerce capabilities. Intuitive features provide the ability to index content, tag products, and make recommendations to visitors.

Implement Marketing Automation Workflows

Marketing automation tools enable tracking customer behavior from browsing to placing an order. Analytics highlight areas where YSI can improve conversions, increase revenue per visit and reengage prospects

Provide Efficient Online Shopping Experience

Updated responsive design delivers a drastically improved online experience on any device. Visitors learn about products through product brochures, video tutorials and cross-selling features.


Increase in Mobile Traffic
Increase in Session Duration
Increase in Page Views
Peter Bornhorst
eCommerce Manager

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