Speed up the shopping experience

Our state-of-the-art auto-complete function self-learns, predicts and initiates a search to expedite your customer's journey to checkout.

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Unbound - Auto-complete

Nimble Search for Quick Results

Upgrade your user experience with accurate, visually-rich results from the moment they start typing.
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Nimble Search for Quick Results

Use predictive AI to complete your customer's sentences or searches as they type
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Save time and frustration

Answer your customers' questions before they even ask them
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Lead your customers to checkout

Quickly find and connect your most popular products to the most popular queries
"It has been a crucial tool for our website success, easy to use for an administrator and complete for a client browsing the website"
Valerie R., eCommerce Coordinator
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Key Features

User-Generated Search
Provide a tailored shopping experience for your customers with Advanced Auto-Complete.
Display personalized search terms and recommendations compiled from previous customers' search behavior.
Unbound - User Generated Search
Visual Product Suggestions
Instantly display product image thumbnails as your customers search. Link the images to full product pages, easing your customers' buying decision and facilitating quick purchasing.
Unbound - Visual Product Suggestions
Branded Banners
Elevate your merchandising with dynamically displayed brand logos and banners that appear directly in your smart search bar. Excite your users with deals or limited offers as they browse! 
Unbound - Logos and Banners
Mobile Agility
Delight your mobile shoppers with a fully responsive design. Deliver the best possible online shopping experience to your mobile and tablet users without sacrificing quality.
Unbound - Made for Mobile

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