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Dynamic Merchandising Engine allows you to create banners, promote categories and alternative products, and create redirect campaigns.

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Boost traffic to your key products

Category-promotion campaigns allow the promotion/demotion of entire product groups, such as sub-categories, brands, or any other attribute.
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Focus on sales

Create hyper-focused campaigns to promote your highest converting products
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Customize your categories

Design category-specific landing pages optimized for your audience
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Never miss a sales opportunity

Alternative products and redirect campaigns allow you to seamlessly display products that closely resemble the products that are being searched
"Superb search quality. We are very happy with the value we get out of this solution. In the past we had several issues regarding our webshop search and are happy that these times are over now. Our customers like the look and feel and we see good KPIs."
Simon K, eCommerce Manager
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Key Features

Virtual Categories
Every campaign should have a landing page to control the experience and sales funnel. The Virtual Categories enable e-Commerce Managers and Merchandisers to effortlessly create powerful and effective dynamic landing pages without the need to add or change a single line of code. SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Email, Holidays, Clearance Sales, Weekend sales campaigns or just any new campaign – you can create a landing page and push it live all in less than 5 minutes.
Unbound - Virtual Categories
Merchandising Banners
Display highly effective banner campaigns across your site search and navigation results pages that target your visitors personal search and navigation behaviors and analytics. Campaigns can be easily set up to display Image, html or html5 banners to provide the perfect shopping experience and deliver a powerful message site-wide.
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Category Promotions
Category Promotion Campaigns allow you to display reorganized site search and navigation results pages based on past users search history and analytics. E-Commerce managers and merchandisers can simply promote products with specific sets of attributes such as colors, sizes, brands, price ranges or even based on shipping methods and more to any spot on the results page.
Unbound - Category Promotions
Manual Product Ranking
Marketers rely on collected user data to take merchandising actions. Manual ranking enables e-Commerce managers and merchandisers to manually rank and set the position of products by attribute weighting or by a simple “Drag and Drop” to easily place the product into the position you want.
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