Health and Life Sciences

Manage, streamline, and grow branded sites on local and national levels from one central dashboard. Leverage Unbound to quickly distribute content, maintain policy compliance, and create a user-friendly digital experience.

Digital Marketing for Health and Life Sciences

Our enterprise content management and marketing automation systems support healthcare and life science organizations in their need to quickly create thousands of localized and branded websites while maintaining brand identity at a global level. Global brand success can be monitored while drilling down to individual locations.
Quickly Deploy Local Websites
Create a model site with dynamic attributes to quickly generate thousands of hyperlocal websites. Ensure that sites are always current and policy compliant while enabling collaboration across the organization with a user-friendly content editor.
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Control Brand Integrity From a Corporate Level
Corporate maintains branding standards and content on franchisee microsite to drive consistency and professionalism. Use our DXP for complete corporate management of global content updates across your network.
An illustration of windows showing administrative dashboards
Manage Relevant Content From a Local Level
Give local sites the opportunity to make updates, launch unique promotions, and enhance local SEO on their own sites. Make things even easier by auto-generating local and personalized content.
An illustration of windows showing administrative dashboards

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